Kuan Yin Chi Kung Yin Meditations for Women


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Foundation & Yin Taoist Practice, Kuan Yin Chi Kung & Jade Egg Secrets

All Women Welcome!


"I think this an ESSENTIAL workshop for ALL women. Feel empowered, centered and feminine! Thank you with all my heart Anamarta." Alison B.

Ancient Secrets For Modern Women

Jade Circle®, symbolising the mysterious feminine, presents a workshop to learn the unique Jade Egg Holistic Practice and apply the benefits at all levels: physical, emotional and energetic.

* Learn to refine your emotions,
* Reclaim your inner wisdom,
* Promote hormonal balance,
* Awaken the body's sensuous femininity,
* Enjoy a deep and intimate relationship with yourself,
* Connect with your Divine Feminine,
* Access and honour your vital life force (creative/sexual energy)
* Improve your health, natural beauty & vitality,
* And more!Â…

As in the Taoist philosophy of Yin & Yang, the aim of this Practice is to find harmony within, to tune into the feminine and masculine, the love/emotional and the sexual/creative, and to bring this balance into your life.

By evolving the path of self-healing and self-mastery you live life to the full!

"It was a wonderful experience, and deeply healing. You have given me so many tools and a much deeper understanding of my feminine energy" Christine P.

The first Step of Taoist Practice begins the process of harmonisation: mind, body and spirit learn to work together, to be at ease together, to live together.
In addition to the regular Taoist Foundation practices of Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit and Taoist Breathing, you will learn:

** The extra Healing Sound for Women, the 7th for the Jade Gate.

** Special Chi Self Massage for Women to increase blood-flow to the vital organs, stimulating energy and hormonal balance.

** Rooting, centering and body-awareness with Kuan Yin Chi Kung.

** Sacrum secrets, the sacredness of the sacrum bone, the gate to the universe beyond the visible.

** In tune with the Earth Mother, engage with her healing, sensuality and expansion power.

** Activating the throat, activating the sexual centre.

** Kuan Yin techniques to keep breasts healthy and firm; for kidney and adrenals rejuvenation; and to enhance vitality.

Introduction to the Breath of Life (Ovarian Breathing): bringing chi into the sources of life, the ovaries.

Benefit from rejuvenation, self-love and self-empowerment.

And the secrets of the famous Jade Egg Practice, in the tradition of four thousand years!
The Jade Egg Practice is a Chi Kung practice for the reproductive organs, moving the chi, offering a way for women to create and live a harmonious, pleasurable and juicy life.
You will learn:

* Warming the Stove: preparing to work with the Jade Egg.
* Sacred Ceremony: to create and honour the time and space to celebrate the Divine Feminine.
* Discovery and Application of the Jade Egg: secrets for healing, inner guidance, body and sexual awareness.
* Specific Jade Egg Practices to strengthen reproductive organs and internal muscles, develop dexterity, awakening pleasure spots and increasing sensitivity.

The combination of these 2.5 days offers women resources, to look after themselves, refining their emotions, circulating the energy through all their being, accessing deep awareness and wisdom of their body and inner self, feeling the benefits of the Jade Egg Holistic Practice and rejuvenation program:

* at the physical level, with healthy and revitalised body, including your sexual organs;
* at the emotional level: inner harmony;
* and the energetic level, with the power to direct and recycle energy for their higher purpose.

And develop your own daily practice just right for you!

"A wonderful, inspiring workshop! I enjoyed every part of it, and it helped me to start my journey to find more about myself, my feminine side and my inner resources! Thank you so much! You are very enthusiastic inspiring teacher! fun and serious at the same time! I feel very inspired to carry on!" Julie K.

This workshop runs in a safe, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, with carefully held boundaries to help you understand the theory and experiment with the practical activities.

"Great workshop and a great teacher! Really grateful for everything I have learned this weekend. Feeling so much at peace with myself and in awe of the mysteries of my female body. Thank you so much for your natural and effortless guidance." Diana V.

"I found this wshop brilliant and so inspiring. Such big benefits it can bring to my relationship with myself, my femininity and sexuality." Isabella B.

This workshop can be non-residential from Friday from 6.30 to 9.30pm, and the weekend from 10.30am to 6pm (with lunch break) or can be residential, which in a retreat we'll start as well Friday evening and finish Sunday afternoon.

For more information please contact Anamarta at:

"Thank you - I felt so incredible after the weekend. I did not stop smiling for a couple of hours after leaving the workshop. For quite some time after I felt like I was brimming with expanding positive energy, glowing from within my being, I experienced a feeling of deep peace, happiness and well being." Kate A.

"Within one week of doing the workshop, my period returned, shining + healthy, after a 6 months absence! Feel enormous shifts in me." April B.

"Feeling alive, nurtured and so glad to be a WOMAN. Inspiring, I would like to do more! Thousand thank yous!!" Anne M.

This 2.5 days workshop is non-residential from Friday from 6.30 to 9.30pm, thru Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am to 6pm. If you need local accommodation, you can contact us for recommendations.

Next Jade Egg Initiation Workshop:

This Workshop gets fully booked quickly. We recommend early booking.

***In LONDON on Friday 11th - Sunday 13th May 2018

Earlybird until 13th April £217, then the regular price £247.

Saving Offer: 10% when combined with Taoist Healing Love - Step 2, highly recommended to complete the foundations of the Jade Egg Holistic Practice. This is a mixed group workshop Anamarta co-facilitates with her partner Kris Deva North on 23rd & 24th June (a pre-requisite for the Advanced Jade Egg workshop Part 1 in September).

London Options & Combination Saving

We also offer 20% off when booking three or more workshops in advanced as you can find in the Advanced Jade Egg Workshop.

Questions? You can contact Anamarta at anamarta.jadecircle@gmail.com


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